Our Commitment

We believe in coaching and treating our members, Whether online, Private Coaching or Group Classes as Humans first, students second. We don't have Clients.

Our goal is to help you along your journey by teaching you our overall approach to movement and providing you with the specific tools to help you develop a way to integrate movement into your lifestyle. Having a great teacher is important, especially in the early phases, but what's most important is for you to become self sufficient and self disciplined so no matter where life takes you, you'll take the movement. We believe a goal of a good teacher is to be able to make himself unnecessary. This means not only providing you with exercises, but teaching you principles, progressions and tools that will help you reach your goal and allow you to develop your own practice 



Akeem Pierre:

Akeem Pierre is a specialist in Health & Wellness, Self Development and High Vibrational Living. After his career playing basketball at an international level, he has focused his efforts on helping people develop deeper connections with their body while unlocking their movement potential. This led to Akeem starting a movement and lifestyle company called Rich Souls Fitness and is currently opening his first Movement and lifestyle facility in the heart of Vancouver, BC. He has a passion for continuous learning and applying what he has learned to create a more harmonious lifestyle. Akeem is a certified personal trainer and Mobility Specialist who has been on the ground level of healing for the past 4 years and loves the direct connection and experience it provides.