Living With Intention Feat. Cam MacDougall

We don't know if we've ever met someone as excited to be alive as our guest on todays episode, Cam Macdougall. Cam joins the Modern Day Shamans as a modern day sherpa who gets his thrills from mountaneering some of the most difficult mountains in North America. Cam is the Co-Founder of a Vancouver pasture raised and grass-fed meat delivery company dedicated to decrease overall meat consumption by providing higher quality, nutrient dense meats. 

On todays episode we go into:

  • Cams journey from being caught up in the corporate ladder climbing to giving it all up to pursue his passion
  •  Health vs. Fitness
  • Nutrition and his thoughts on veganism
  • Practical tips on how to wake up excited for life.
  • His spiritual practice

Cam is the epitome of someone who lives with intention and we are super excited for you to hear this episode and tune into the frequency! 

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