Combat S.A.D and Embrace Change - Fall Equinox Celebration episode.

On todays episode Akeem shares his thoughts and feelings regarding the Fall equinox and why it's a time that should be celebrated and not hated. The coming Change of weather and increasing darkness that accompanies the equinox has its own illness named after it, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and is also known as the Flu season due to its affects on how we feel and the lowering of our immune system. Is this affect set in stone? or are there things we can do to combat the fall season blues?

Akeem shares insights into how he combats the blues and makes the most of the fall and winter season by embracing the darkness and intentionally strenghtening your immune system. This episode contains a lot of practical tips on how to not only make it through the fall/winter without getting depressed and sick, but also how to make it through thriving, reaching the next level with an elevated mindset. 

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Wholeness, Balance and Blessings. 


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