Straight From The Source Feat. Jonnelle Israel

Today's episode is featuring the Self-Care plug Jonnelle Isreal. I fell in love with her Instagram content because the information she was sharing was so pure, powerful and covers such a wide range of topics. She didn't disappoint on this episode as she gives us endless gems and tools for us to use to maximize our well being. Be sure to connect with Jonnelle if you resonated with any of her information. She has Vegan meal plans, health consultations and fibroid release plans available! 

Some of the topics covered in this episode:

-How our cravings show themselves as emotions

-The 100/100 approach( not 60/40)

- Why you must have energy before the event

- Her 360 approach to holistic healing 

-Morning routine

-Womb cleansing and optimizing the female system

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Much Love to you all.

See you next week! 


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