Alignment over Perfection Feat. Nova Patra

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Today we have a very powerful and emotional podcast featuring the one and only Nova Patra. Nova left her traditionally awesome 9-5 job to be a webcam model based strongly on the idea that she felt more aligned doing the latter. As we unpack her story we get some powerful information and inspiration to follow your heart and do what makes you feel aligned.

Nova is part of a new generation of spirituality that combines her golden nuggets of wisdom within classically frowned upon and things that were classified as "Not spiritual." This episode is so powerful because we believe there are no prerequisites for you to become a spiritual being. Everything you need you already have and it's just a matter of uncovering and reconnecting with that side of you. 

We are super excited to present you all with this episode and are looking forward to your feedback and reactions. 

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WATCH: Exposed Liberation: The Nova Patra Story 


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