Today's podcast is featuring my good friend and favourite High Vibing Musician, Desiree Dawson. Desirée was the 2016 CBC Searchlight Winner and hasn’t looked back since. Her 2017 album Wild Heart was in my top most played albums of the year and her newest music (which she performed live for us at the end) is taking it to another level.  

I loved today's conversation with Desirée where she shares how she ended up on Londrelles album, her creative process, how she started, what music means to her and the many layers it communicates with the human body. She even blessed us by singing one of her new songs live! We'll definitely have to get her back on the show because even after we stopped recording I had so many questions to ask her!  We always strive to bring you that high vibrational, uplifting content and this episode is no different! Desirée is a walking battery pack charging up anyone she comes across and I’m super excited for you all to hear this episode! 

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Much Love to you all.

See you next week! 

February 25, 2018


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